GREECE | Greek Islands Cruise

GREECE | Greek Islands Cruise

The San Marco schooner has navigated the waters of the Red Sea for the last 15 years. It reaches the wonderful Greek islands in summer to take you on exciting cruises which bring you relaxation and fun, immersed in the history and wild nature of these wonderful islands… which bring the great charm and mystery of ancient populations.
The keyword on board is comfort, passion, professionalism and a desire for adventure… a holiday onboard a boat is the best way to experience the sea, to relax, to completely break free from daily routine… aperitifs at sunset… great, refined cuisine…great attention also to vegans and vegeterians, yoga, canoeing, water jetskiing, diving… all of this will make your holiday an unforgettable experience…
In the Ionian sea, where the water is cobalt blue, you find precious jewels… 11 wonderful Ionian islands, some big, some small, scattered along the Western coast of continental Greece, which feature the traditional villages surrounded by nature, where the climate is mild, the water transparent and the wide beaches… all of this provides the backdrop to wonderful archaeological sites. The six biggest are: Corfu, Cephalonia, Zante, Ithaca, Lefkada, and Paxi, while the smallest are: Mathraki, Antipaxi, Erikousa, Meganisi and Othoni. Besides the spectacular landscape, these islands take us back to a fascinating historic past which inspired the verses of the Odyssey and Homer, where the great Ulysses lived. A journey to the Ionian islands can be defined as a complete experience: it is a destination suitable for families, young people, sports enthusiasts, people passionate about cultural holidays, organised to cater for any kind of request with the possibility of practising a range of sports activities, with folk performances and a worldly atmosphere where fun at the many evening venues, is assured.




    Lefkada is separated from the mainland by a small canal measuring only 30 metres and it is connected to the earth by a revolving bridge. On a cruise, we will navigate the small canal and reach this traditional, but exciting and fun island where the comforting marina will allow us to dock. This island features splendid, spacious beaches; it is dominated by rugged rocks which can easily be reached by boat. On the west coast, we find the beaches of: Kathisma, Milos, very popular amongst kite surfers, Megali Petra and Egremni. Lefkada and the coastline on the mainland limit the so-called ‘internal sea’ which we will navigate in order to reach Meganisi, Skorpios (the island of Onassis), Atoko and Kalamos.


    Ithaca is one of the smallest inhabited Ionian islands. Its surface is 29 km long and 6.5 km wide and it has a coastline of 100 km. It is made up of two peninsulas which are very similar in size and are united by the isthmus of Aetos. Ithaca is east of Cephalonia and it is separated from it by a canal which varies between 2-to-4 kilometres wide. The morphology of the island is characterised by a steep, rugged coastline on the west and a green, delicate coastline on the east. The capital of the island is Vathi and it features the traditional houses with red rooftops and is located at the end of the bay of Molos. Ithaca offers breath-taking landscapes with picturesque towns such as Friskes and Kioni; it is a very laid-back kind of place which offers a holiday location in which to relax; the ideal destination of lovers of rugged landscapes and long walks immersed in the green, between wild flowers and animals… and thanks to its crystal-clear waters, it also offers scuba-divers ample opportunity to go diving…


    Paxos, a small island 8 km long and 3 km wide, lizard-shaped, is 7 miles north of Corfu and 12 miles from Parga. It’s a grain of island covered by omnipresent olive groves, while Antipaxos, an even smaller spot south of Paxos, is a huge vineyard. The capital of the island is Gaios, a village on the harbor, protected by two islets, Agios Nikolaos and Panagia. In the north, there’s the delightful Lakka with a large harbor surrounded by wooded hills. Lakka’s beaches can also be used for water sports. In the east, the picturesque Loggòs looks like a postcard extract.

  4. ZANTE

    The island of Zante (Zakynthos) is a very popular destination for tourists. Here we find a wonderful natural environment which includes the National Marine Park of Zante, with a breath-taking, lush landscape, one of the most beautiful of the Greek isles. Zante also offers histroy and culture. The island is known internationally by the name of “Zante” or “Flower of the East” as it was once called by the Venetians. It is part of the Ionian islands, it measures 406 square kilometres and is the third island in terms of size after Corfu and Cephalonia with 40,000 inhabitants. The island of Zante is also where the Caretta tortoise comes to breed: it lays its eggs in the sand on the southern beaches of the island and, sadly, it is threatened by their exploitation caused by tourism. It has a lush vegetation and a signification agricultural production, based predominantly on the cultivation of olive trees, citrus trees, grapes and flowers. It is 9.5 nautical miles far from the Peloponnese and 8.5 nautical miles far from Cephalonia.


    Cephalonia is the largest of the Ionian islands located in the north-western part of Greece. Its coastline is extremely varied and it extends for 237 kilometres offering wonderful beaches of sand, pebbles and gravel. Thanks to its multiple features, it is called the ‘island of many contrasts’: unlike the other Ionian islands, it offers a varied landscape both along the peninsulas and in the hinterland. From the luxuriant pine forests at the foot of Mount Enos to the barren and at times desert-like landscapes, such as those in the area of Lixouri. In the north, we find gentle hills of olives and cypresses while in the south, the flat coastal plains flanked by wonderful beaches remind us of the nearby Peloponnese. On the island, we can admire the fascinating stalactite and stalagmite grottos, the monasteries, Venetian fortresses and steep, wild coastlines.


  • Corfù
  • Paxos
  • Antipaxos
  • Lefkas
  • Skorpio
  • Meganisi
  • Kalamos
  • Kastos
  • Atoko
  • Itaca
  • Cefalonia
  • Zante