SUDAN: City Guide

Port Sudan, a city and large port of northeastern Sudan overlooking the Red Sea is the capital of the Eastern federal state. It is the only seaport in the country and from here passes most of the goods destined for export. The city rises in a very old town. Port Sudan, also an important market and distribution center for the Nile Valley, was founded in 1906 after the port of Suakin was made inaccessible by the coral reef.

Today, the city is proud of the splendor of a more prosperous period with its colonial architecture and old decadent palaces, which are corollary to the remains of a city that was rich and where, only fifty years ago, lived together Arab culture and the ‘ West. The daily life of the city is governed by the typical local market, the suq. But to make Port Sudan unique is its sea, with colors, flora and marine fauna as few in the world.

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